At Route Aware, we believe that everyone in society has a right to be safe. Through our App, we will be able to educate, prevent crime and build safer communities. Our team of crime experts are passionate about helping people and believe in building an extensive online community to secure a safer future for society. Route Aware provides an innovative approach to Crime Mapping and location services, allowing users to identify crime hotspots.


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The Route Aware Journey

Who we are

Jean-Pascal Barbe

CEO and Co-FOunder

With extensive knowledge and experience of the risk and crime cycle, having worked on major investigations in one of the world's busiest cities, London. ​

Allamdeep Bhangoo

CoO and Co-FOunder

With Policing blood running through his veins, having worked in covert operations and the most serious and complex investigations.

With a combined 30 years worth of traditional policing experience, JP and Al have gained the tools and knowledge to fight crime. Now combining expertise they have with the advancements in MELINDA’s framework; turning from traditional Detectives to Digital Detectives.

Our Vision

Our aim is to reduce crime by allowing users to be informed and control their daily routes. Users will be able to actively engage in risk assessing their journeys with up-to date information and tips to travel safely. We want to grow as a community, and provide safer routes wherever our users may travel.


MELINDA (Machine Enhanced Learning In Nuanced Data Analysis), aims to simplify the access and delivery of data to predict crime and consequently prevent it. It has far reaching benefits for both the general public and business to business public and private sector organisations



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